Meaning of scriptwriter in English:


Pronunciation /?skr?ptr??t?/

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  • A person who writes a script for a play, film, or broadcast.

    ‘Directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, set designers and the rest had to make hard decisions - to work with the enemy, or not work at all.’
    • ‘These included creative directors, market researchers, scriptwriters and storyboard artists.’
    • ‘Pygmalion was the first of three Shaw adaptations that he was to direct, and the first film on which the great dramatist himself worked as scriptwriter.’
    • ‘From what is cinematically a great central idea, the scriptwriters don't half strangle the film's potential, eliminating any shade between the bad and good guys.’
    • ‘The film crew is free to go, but the scriptwriter is sentenced to thirty days of scraping up road kill.’
    • ‘Someone implied it reduced the role of the scriptwriter, but it's the contrary - the confidence and the skill to be able to use this type of cinema shows confidence in your writing and is unusual.’
    • ‘In the end, it comes down to the whim of the director and the scriptwriter's secret stash.’
    • ‘American scriptwriters, too, simply dwarf even the best French writers.’
    • ‘And I sure as hell ain't cheering for yet another whiz-bang computer nerd whose whole job is to magically fill in plot holes the scriptwriters couldn't figure out.’
    • ‘Did the scriptwriters think, ‘Oh, we can just make it funny later?’’
    • ‘Warfare, whether small-scale or large-scale, does not follow neat timelines nor obey the sensibilities of scriptwriters.’
    • ‘And then, this meeting between Australian scriptwriters and funding bodies, which took place last year, comes to mind.’
    • ‘She graduates high school at the beginning of the film, so either she's been driving without a license, or the scriptwriters weren't paying attention.’
    • ‘By this stage, the scriptwriters are into their fourteenth magic mushroom, as the plot ricochets between schizophrenia and plain stoopid.’
    • ‘In that sense, you obviously worked closely with scriptwriters, etc.’
    • ‘And its recent past is not fraught with the kind of conflicts that scriptwriters drool over.’
    • ‘There is a rule of thumb amongst movie buffs: the more scriptwriters the worse the picture.’
    • ‘In that case, the scriptwriter will have to tell a journey of initiation, or heroic journey, which will also be the account of this character's development.’
    • ‘That, I said, was the scriptwriter's sudden realization that they were running out of time really quickly and needed to wrap things up in a hurry.’
    • ‘I am quite conscious of the various approaches to characterisation, and where I fit into that as a scriptwriter.’
    writer, man of letters, woman of letters, wordsmith