Meaning of make an enemy of in English:

make an enemy of


  • Cause (someone) to start feeling hostile to one.

    ‘by 1776 he had made an enemy of the queen’
    • ‘The marchers' defiant smugness started to make an enemy of me.’
    • ‘The glamorous cabinet minister sacked by the president made an enemy of of the president's wife with early morning calls.’
    • ‘By placing it in the enemy camp, the President made an enemy of a would-be ally.’
    • ‘It just doesn't help to make an enemy of the person with the power to grant your request.’
    • ‘By 1776 he had made an enemy of the queen through his clumsy intervention against one of her protégés in a complicated diplomatic incident.’
    • ‘Pointing out her shortcomings will do no good, and you really don't want to make an enemy of your girlfriend's roommate.’
    • ‘If the club have made an enemy of adversity in the current campaign then Hughes has become its ally.’
    • ‘But making an enemy of its own core market has to be like commiting suicide.’
    • ‘She spurns his advances on several occasions, but he remains persistent, warning Eliza that she should not make an enemy of him.’
    • ‘This lawsuit will make an enemy of Weinstein that no other action could have inspired.’