Meaning of grockle in English:


Pronunciation /?ɡr?k(?)l/


informal, derogatory British
  • A holidaymaker, especially one visiting a resort in Devon or Cornwall.

    • ‘Everything's damp and miserable out there, not least the grockles [holiday makers].’
    • ‘These grockles are the least professional of holiday-makers.’
    • ‘There was a time when you'd go out on a Saturday morning shortly before Easter to do a bit of shopping in town and discover that, all of a sudden, the grockles had arrived and the new holiday season with them.’
    • ‘Ah well, the grockles will be here again soon, bringing foreign and cosmopolitan ways with them.’
    • ‘The grockles have descended upon Somerset with a vengeance today, in readiness for the four-day holiday weekend.’
    tourist, traveller, day tripper, sightseer, globetrotter, jet-setter, backpacker, voyager, tourer, explorer, pilgrim


An invented word, originally a fantastic creature in a children's comic, adopted arbitrarily and popularized by the film The System (1964).